Swimming Physio

Swimming, regardless of whether performed in the ocean or in the pool, is a sport that involves repetitive shoulder and lower limb movements in high volumes. A swimmer with any tightness/stiffness or weakness will more than likely end up with an injury due to the repetitive nature of the sport.

All swimmers who train regularly should have a swimming screen performed by a physiotherapist. The screening assessment consists of range of motion testing for upper and lower limbs to determine injury risk for each individual athlete. Our physiotherapists at Des Renford are passionate about injury prevention and develop programs for swimmers based on the results of their individual screening. This gives the athlete specific areas to focus on and improve. A full screening assessment should take place 2-3 times per year to monitor the athlete’s progress and make sure they are achieving their goals.

The screening assessment looks at:

  • Shoulder range of movement
  • Thoracic spine range of movement
  • Hip range of movement – particularly important for breaststrokers
  • Ankle range of movement
  • Muscle length
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