Work Related Injuries

Injuries at work place are very common and may be debilitating. Workplace injuries often occur because of high-risk jobs, lack of or scarcity in safety devices, lack of training, and higher numbers of manual workers.

Occupational injuries can be categorized in many ways such as injuries by nature of job, injuries related to various organs, and injuries based on severity. Injuries at work place may affect any part of the body and at times at multiple locations. Based on the body part affected, occupational injuries can be classified as injuries to head, neck, trunk, upper limbs, lower limbs, and multiple locations.

Work Related Activity Program (WRAP)

The Maroubra Dynamic Physiotherapy Work Related Activity Program (WRAP) provides physiotherapy activity programs for injured workers to assist them in their return to work and normal function.

Clients attend our physiotherapy practice for an initial assessment and are then prescribed an individual work related exercise program. The entire program is supervised by a physiotherapist and takes place in our large gym.

WRAP includes:

  • Initial Assessment and Report
  • 3 month gym membership for the Dynamic Studio
  • 8-15 supervised exercise sessions
  • Progress report
  • Information booklet with education and individual instruction
  • Advice and education regarding self management techniques and correct posture and manual handling
  • Final report with further recommendations