Fitness and Nutrition

Are you looking for a long term fitness and nutrition management plan?

Our Physiotherapist Jessica Wooley has completed further training in Nutrition for Allied Health Practitioners (Levels 1 and 2). She will conduct a nutrition assessment to determine if you would benefit from assistance to help with the following:

  • Marco-nutrients balance
  • Micro-nutrients balance
  • Primary digestion support
  • Intestines/GI tract support
  • Live support

As needed a Physiotherapy Fitness Plan can be implemented based on Jess' assessment of your posture and movement and persoal preferences to exercise:

  • Cardio-respiratory training
  • Motor control correction (pilates)
  • Resistance training (strength)
  • Stretches.

These assessments involve:

  • Body composition scales analysis
  • Treadmill/bike test to assess cardio-respiratory fitness
  • Assessment to determine signs/symptoms of possible nutrient deficiencies
  • Establishing a general dietary plan
  • Postural and movement pattern analysis
  • Prescription of a “back to fitness” program that will be tailored to each client based on the results of assessment (supervised and supported by a home exercise program)

This assessment is ideal for clients who need help with:

  • Weight management
  • Chronic pain and systemic inflammation
  • Arthritis/osteoporosis
  • Sarcopenia
  • Fatigue, lethargy, general tiredness
  • Persistent muscle cramping and achiness.
    • Initial Consultation Fee: $180 (1 hour)
    • Follow up: $165/$95 (1 hour/0.5 hour)
Jess Wooley

Jess Wooley


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